Kelly Drennan is a systems thinker, thought leader and disruptor devoted to making change within the fashion industry. In 2007 she founded Fashion Takes Action, out of her desire to create a better, more sustainable future for her two daughters. Determined to making fashion circular, Kelly convenes the Ontario Textile Diversion Collaborative (OTDC), with more than 30 stakeholders committed to increasing textile diversion, while unlocking local solutions for reuse and recycling. Kelly is also a member of the City of Toronto’s Circular Economy Working Group and their Fashion Industry Advisory Panel. Most recently, Kelly has taken on the role of chairing a task force and committee to develop a circular fashion standard for Canada, with the Canadian Standards Association. Kelly also produces the annual WEAR conference, and is a sought after consultant for fashion designers and brands looking to embrace CSR and sustainability. She oversees FTA’s youth education program My Clothes My World that she created in 2015 for students in grades 4-12. In 2017 Kelly was recognized as a Canadian environmental leader with the esteemed Clean 50 Award for her work in Education & Awareness, and is the first recipient of this award for the fashion industry. Kelly’s knowledge and passion for sustainable fashion is evident the minute you meet her. She has given hundreds of presentations to industry, academics and consumers in order to raise awareness for responsible consumption and production, and for human rights in the fashion industry. Through this, she has earned respect as a sustainable fashion go-to expert from global leaders, industry colleagues and the media.