Adair Cates is a highly sought-after XCHANGE Certified Guide and Self-Mastery Coach. She guides learning communities, organizations and individuals to change their conversations to amplify their strengths and create their desired futures using the same facilitation methodology used by Facebook, BMW and Keller Williams to simultaneously accelerate learning, connection and belonging at speed and scale. By asking powerful questions and choreographing connective conversations, she unlocks collective wisdom to create exponential outcomes. She’s led thousands of in-person and digital conversations that not only leave a lasting impact, but accelerate individual and collective results. From a 60 minute interview with Chris Voss, former CIA hostage negotiator and author of Never Split the Difference, to multi-day womens’ retreats , no matter the length or audience, if Adair is facilitating it will be interactive, engaging and memorable. Adair is a change-making coach and author of two self-improvement books, Live with Intention and Fully Engaged. She lives in Atlanta and has her favorite conversations with her twin five year old daughters, Joy and Coral.